Necessity of diffusion of low-energy housing techniques in Asia monsoon area

(Purpose of research)
 It is expecting that the population of Asia will increase and the economics of Asia will be developing vastly. Therefore, it is feared energy consumption will increase rapidly in Asia, and the circumstance of earth will become worse. It is hot and humidity in summer at almost area in Japan, the characteristics of climate is similar with other countries in Asia. Whereas in Western countries the low energy housing techniques in hot humid climates for the reason of having different climate. We hope the low energy housing techniques in hot humid climates, which had been developed by BRI, will be popular in Asia monsoon area.
    There are many types of houses in Asia, and also they are build up by different methods and materials. Furthermore, life-style is different from Japan, such as a member of household, household appliances, living behavior and situation of employment. For the selection of proper low-energy techniques according to these conditions, it needs to know these data of these conditions in Asia monsoon area. So that we researched conditions about housing and resident’s behavior, and studied how to transfer the low-energy housing techniques which had been studied by BRI to Asia monsoon area.
(Effect of research)
 We researched housing data of several countries in Asia monsoon area such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.You can read it on next page.
    We research about this theme at Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia by using housing data which Tetsu Kubota who is an associate professor in Hiroshima university.
(Announcing the information of housing data in Asia monsoon area)
 We hope to make complete this HP information, therefore when anyone have information about housing data in Asia monsoon area, it is better to open the information with these information in this HP. please contact us, you can access us into banner.

How to search housing data in Asia
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